Is your Septic Alarm Buzzing?

If your alarm is buzzing, you should:

1) silence the alarm 2) check for power 3) call Evan at 360-888-8503 as soon as possible.

How to turn OFF the alarm sound:

Follow the sound & locate the buzzer. Press the button (may be lit) to turn the sound off. If there is no button, check for a small toggle switch on the side of the control box and flip this switch.


The alarm light should stay on as long as problem exists.

Things to check for:

  1. Does the system have power? Check breaker panel in house or garage, look for breakers in the half/way position. Push hard to the off position, then back on.
  2. Is the safety switch turned off? This is like a light switch on the side of the house, near the septic tank.
  3. A leaking toilet. This can cause an overload. Check bathrooms you don't use very often

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Why is my Septic Alarm Sounding?

Effluent levels are too high (or too low).

When the alarm goes off, you usually have less than two days of reduced water use before the wastewater begins to back up into your house.

Some common causes are:

  1. The pump has broken (average life of a pump is 10 years).
  2. Electrical problems (wiring in Junction box, control floats, etc,)
  3. Power has been disconnected to the pump.
  4. Water is coming into the tank faster than it can be pumped to the drainfield. Such as a leaking toilet, stormwater leaking into tank, or a plugged drainfield. (if this is the case, you may flood sooner)

If your alarm is buzzing, you should silence the alarm, check for power, then call a septic professional as soon as possible.

Never ignore the alarm; something has triggered the alarm and ignoring it will lead to further problems and expensive repairs.

The alarm is a warning device for the homeowner to correct the problem before it becomes a major problem. After the problem has been fixed, turn the alarm back on. Remember the alarm wont work unless it is plugged in and turned on.

The faster you get a septic specialist to your house, the faster they can diagnose the problem and get your septic system working properly again.  

CALL OUR TECHNICIAN: Evan (360) 888-8503