Maintenance Contracts

Thurston County requires certain types of septic systems to be maintained regularly by a Certified Monitoring Specialist.

Kelly Earthworks offers the best care for your system and fulfills your county obligation with pride.

We take care of the paperwork too, so you can flush with confidence.

We Offer...

Annual, quarterly and monthly Contracts tailored to your septic system, which include:

Professional monitoring and maintenance is the key to the life and performance of your system!

It is important to understand your particular type of septic system in order to care for it properly and avoid costly repairs.

There are two basic septic system types:

  1. Conventional Systems such as Gravity Systems or Pressure Distribution Systems
  2. Alternative Systems such as Aerobic Treatment Units, Mound or Sandfilter Systems

Other Systems include Glendon BioFilters, AdvanTex Filters, or Drip Irrigation Systems

Want to Lean More?

Visit Thurston County Environmental Health website: Septic System Types.